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Skiing is a fun winter sport that is practiced in all places that get snow-laden during the
cold months of the year. There are several beautiful resorts around the world that offer skiing to the visitors. Some of the best skiing locations are in Europe and America, because
of the topography, weather, and nature of the snow. So let us take a look at 10 Most
Popular Ski Resorts.
滑雪是一项有趣的冬季运动,在每年寒冷的月份都可以在所有的地方练习滑雪。世界上有几个美丽的度假胜地为游客提供滑雪服务。一些最好的滑雪地点是在欧洲和美国,因为地形,天气和雪的性质。让我们来看看10个最受欢迎的滑雪胜地吧。1. Squaw Valley范无病, California斯阔谷,加州
Squaw Valley of Olympic Valley in California is one of the biggest ski areas in the United States of America. It is located in the west of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada and is operated under the same management operation as that of Alpine Meadows ski resort, to which it is connected by a shuttle that covers the distance in between within ten minutes. Apart
from skiing, it offers facilities like roller skating, pool, dining, shopping, and even
high-altitude disk golf, besides a scenic aerial tramway. It was the host site of Winter
Olympics 1960.
位于加利福尼亚的奥林匹克谷的Squaw谷是美国最大的滑雪区之一。它位于内华达山脉的塔霍湖的西部,与高山草甸滑雪场的管理运作是一样的,它是由一艘穿梭于十分钟之内的航天飞机连接起来的。除了滑雪之外,它还提供诸如轮滑、游泳池、餐饮、购物、甚至是高海拔的高尔夫球场等设施。它是1960年冬季奥运会的举办地严成方 。2. Alpine Meadows高山草甸
Alpine Meadows, located in California of North Lake Tahoe, is one of the top most popular ski resorts, with huge areas of skiable terrain青云记, where there are 13 different lifts and one of the most remarkable vertical drops in the world. The quality and variety of terrain and
trails match the skill levels of different skiers, from beginners to experts, and seven open
bowls, chutes, steeps, groomed runs, and six terrain parks are accessible. Along with the Lake Tahoe ski resorts, the Alpine Meadows often has the longest snow season. It is
connected to Squaw Valley by a shuttle.
高寒草甸位于北湖塔霍湖的加州,是世界上最受欢迎的滑雪胜地之一,拥有大片可滑雪的地形,有13个不同的电梯,是世界上最引人注目的垂直落差之一。地形和步道的质量和种类与不同滑雪者的技能水平相匹配陆恺欣 ,从初学者到专家,还有7个打开的碗,降落伞,尖塔,整齐的跑步和6个地形公园。与塔霍湖滑雪场一道,高山草甸通常有最长的雪季。它被一架航天飞机连接到Squaw山谷。3. Vail, Colorado科罗拉多州维尔
Vail, situated at Eagle County, Colorado, is the second largest mountain ski resort in the
The United States. It features seven bowls, with intermediate gladterrain in Blue Sky Basin, which is one of the three sections apart from the Front-Side and the Back Bowls. It is one of the most
favourite ski destinations for people from around the world. It is large enough
to offer a wide variety of runs for both the skiers, as well as snowboarders. It is possible to strike a profitable bargain by purchasing a lift ticket which will include access to other
维尔,位于科罗拉多州的鹰县,是美国第二大的山地滑雪胜地。它有7个碗,中间是蓝色的天空盆地,这是三个部分之一,除了前面和后面的碗。它是世界上最受欢迎的滑雪胜地之一。它足够大,可以为滑雪者和滑雪者提供各种各样的跑步。通过购买一种包括进入其他地点的升降机票来达成一项有利可图的交易是可能的。4. Mont Tremblant, Canada加拿大蒙特用弹簧颤动的
Mont Tremblant is a ski resort located on the side of Mount Mansfield, the highest
mountain of Vermont, in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec in Canada, near Montreal. It is one of the most favorites of the world's ski destinations that offer ski and snowboard
runs to correspond with the skill levels of the skiers. The resort operates all the year
round, featuring Lake Tremblant for swimming, as well as two golf courses, for the
summer months. There are also great facilities offered to cross-country skiers at Stowe, including lodging facilities.
蒙特朗布兰特是一个滑雪胜地,位于曼斯菲尔德山的一侧,是佛蒙特州最高的山,位于加拿大魁北克省的劳伦提安山脉,靠近蒙特利尔。它是世界上最受欢迎的滑雪胜地之一,滑雪和滑雪板的运行与滑雪者的技能水平相符合。度假村一年四季经营,夏季的几个月里许继丹 ,有两处高尔夫球场可供游泳。还有一些很好的设施,可以在斯托(Stowe)的乡村滑雪者那里提供,包括住宿设施。5. Whistler Blackcomb, Canada加拿大惠斯勒Blackcomb
Whistler Blackcomb is a major ski resort near Vancouver, in British Columbia of Canada. It is considered the largest ski resort in North America when many measures are taken into consideration, larger than its nearest competitor in many respects. It boasted of offering
the steepest skiable distance till 2009 and also has the greatest uphill lift capacity. The
Peak 2 Peak Gondola, the highest and longest unsupported cable car, is also featured by Whistler Blackcomb for traveling between the tops of Whistler and Blackcomb.
惠斯勒·布莱克科姆是加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省温哥华附近的一个滑雪胜地。它被认为是北美最大的滑雪场,在很多方面都考虑到了很多措施,比它在许多方面的竞争对手都要大。它自夸提供了到2009年最陡的滑雪距离,同时也有最大的上坡能力。在惠斯勒(Whistler)和黑梳(Blackcomb)之间的旅行中,惠斯勒·布莱克姆(Whistler Blackcomb)也出现了山顶缆车,这是一款最高、最长的不受支持的缆车。6. Contina d'Ampezzo, ItalyContina d 'Ampezzo,意大利
Cortina d'Ampezzo is a town and commune in the Dolomitic Alps in Veneto of Northern
Italy. It is a popular venue and resort for winter sports, due to the ski-ranges, après-ski
scene and accommodations, ensconced in the beautiful scenery. It was the venue of the 1956Winter Olympics after the 1944 Winter Olympics was canceled due to the Second
World War. A number of classic and hit movies have also been filmed here.
Cortina d’ampezzo是意大利北部威尼托(Veneto)的白云岩阿尔卑斯山脉的市镇和公社。它是冬季运动的热门地点和度假胜地,由于滑雪场、滑雪场地和住宿条件天草筱,在美丽的风景中安顿下来。这是1956年冬季奥运会的举办地,1944年冬季奥运会因第二次世界大战被取消。许多经典和热门电影也在这里拍摄。7. Kitzbühel, Austria基茨比厄尔、奥地利
Kitzbühel is a small medieval town situated in the Kitzbühel Alps, located in Tyrol of
Austria, and is internationally renowned as one of the fanciest ski resorts, known for the
wintersports offered. It is between the mountains Hahnenkamm and Kitzbühler Horn, of which, the former houses the annual World Cup ski races, including the downhill race on
thee Streif slope. This downhill is the most important event of the circuit and is
considered one of the toughest downhill competitions of the World Cup. It also hosts the
Austrian Open tennis tournament in summer.
基茨比厄尔是一个中世纪的小城市,坐落在奥地利的蒂洛尔(Tyrol)的基茨比厄尔(Kitzbuhel)阿尔卑斯山脉,是国际知名的滑雪胜地之一,以冬季运动著称。它位于山脉Hahnenkamm和Kitzbuhler Horn之间,前者是一年一度的世界杯滑雪比赛的举办地,其中就包括了在你的斜坡上的下坡比赛。这是赛道上最重要的一件事,被认为是世界杯上最艰难的下坡比赛之一。它还在夏天举办奥地利网球公开赛。8. Gstaad, Switzerland瑞士格施塔德
Gstaad is a bilingual village, located in the Canton of Bern in southwestern Switzerland, in the German-speaking section of the place. It is one of the prime locations in the world for skiing, popular particularly among international jet set and high society. The steep slopes and deep powder attract celebrities, as well as aficionados of skiing and snowboarding.
There are also some excellent accommodations in the surrounding villages, which are
considered among the best in the world. Gstaad also hosts a number of events, regularly
格斯塔德是一个双语村,白纬玲 位于瑞士西南部伯尔尼州,在德语区内。它是世界上最适合滑雪的地方之一,尤其在国际喷气式飞机和上流社会中很受欢迎。陡峭的山坡和深粉吸引着名人,还有滑雪和滑雪的狂热爱好者。周围的村庄也有一些很好的住宿条件,被认为是世界上最好的。Gstaad还定期举办一些活动。9. Zermatt, Switzerland瑞士策马特
Zermatt, in Switzerland, is in the German-speaking section of the canton of Valais in
Switzerland, located at the upper end of Mattertal, at the foot of the highest peaks of
Switzerland. It is renowned for being a mountaineering and ski resort of the Swiss Alps,
as the base of Matterhorn, famed for skiing and mountaineering. The ski resort, in the
middle of the car-free village, offers the world's second-biggest vertical descent, and it
has to be accessed by mechanical lift. Apart from skiing, it is an excellent location for sightseeing, as well.
瑞士的泽马特,位于瑞士的瓦莱州的德语区,位于瑞士最高山峰脚下的马特塔尔的上端。它以瑞士阿尔卑斯山的登山和滑雪胜地而闻名,作为马特霍恩的基地,以滑雪和登山闻名末世虫潮 。这个滑雪胜地位于无车村的中央,提供了世界上第二大的垂直降落,它必须通过机械升降机进入。除了滑雪,这里也是观光的绝佳地点。10. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, FranceChamonix-Mont-Blanc、法国
Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is more commonly known as Chamonix and is a commune at the
foot of Mont Blanc which is the highest peak in the Alps. Located in south-eastern France in the Haute-Savoie département in the Rh?ne-Alpes region, the vertical drops are challenging, even for the skiing experts. The resort also offers incredible après ski nightlife, as well as other mountain sports. Also known as the “gateway to the European Cascades”,
Chamonix is one of the oldest resorts in France. It was the venue for the first ever Winter Olympics, back in 1924.
Chamonix-Mont-Blanc通常被称为Chamonix,它是位于勃朗峰山脚下的一个公社,是阿尔卑斯山最高的山峰。位于法国东南部矿泉水夫妇吧 ,在Rhone-Alpes地区的Haute-Savoie部门,垂直下降是一个挑战,即使是滑雪专家。度假村还提供令人难以置信的滑雪夜生活,以及其他高山运动。Chamonix是法国最古老的度假胜地之一,也被称为“通往欧洲瀑布的门户”。这是1924年第一届冬奥会的举办地。
While there are also many other ski resorts all over the world, and some great mountain
ranges, especially in Asia, the Rocky Mountain Range of the United States and the
Alpine region of Europe offer the best skiing facilities, with top accommodations and
amazing landscapes. These two mountain ranges are hugely popular among skiing and
snowboarding savants.


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