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“He has done all the harm that was apprehended in his fortnight,” said Mr. Incledon, “and now you must give him an extension of leave—enough to be married in. There’s nothing 777else for it. You ought to do your best for him超能强卫 , for it is your fault.”Upon which my lord, who was of a genial nature滑滑梯简笔画 , laughed and inquired into the story, which Mr. Incledon related to him after a fashion常宣灵 , in a way which田卧勇太 , amused him hugely. The consequence{103} was that Commander Wodehouse got his leave extended to three months宋楚楚 , and was transferred from the China station to the Mediterranean. Mr. Incledon never told them who was the author of this benefit, though I think they had little difficulty in guessing. He sent Rose a parure of pearls and turquoises, simple enough for her youth and the position she had preferred to his, and sent the diamonds which had been reset for her back to his bankers; and then he went abroad. He did not go back to Whitton潘绍聪 , even for necessary arrangements神勇武工队 , but 777 sent for all he wanted; and after that morning’s work in the White House观泽之战 , returned to Dinglefield no more for years.After this there was no possible reason for delay, and Rose was married to her sailor in the parish church by good Mr. Nolan于晴作品集 ,法恩莎洁具有限公司 and instead of any other wedding tour went off to cruise with him in the Mediterranean. She had regained her bloom, and merited her old name again before the day of the simple wedding. Happiness brought back color and fragrance to the Rose in June; but traces of the storm that had almost crushed her never altogether disappeared, from her heart at least,余华东 if they did from her face. She cried over Mr. Incledon’s letter the day before she became Edward Wodehouse’s wife. She kissed the turquoises when she fastened them about her pretty 777neck. Love is the best库班空战 , no doubt; but it would be hard if to other sentiments哭砂吉他谱 , less intense, even a bride might not spare a tear.